Let me just tell you what I do.

I survey my surroundings, looking for a place to sit.
A direction to face.
What pleases me most, is the right way.
Inside or outside, doesn’t matter.
Sit down. It can be in a chair.
There is no right or wrong.
I sit cross legged. On a pillow, if handy.
I rest my hands into each other in my lap.
I let my eyes choose a spot a foot or so in front of me.
I relax my eyes and unfocus.

Breathe naturally
In and out
Slow it down and feel the air
As it passes over your lips and nostrils.

Consider your mind
Consider your brain
And relax it.

Feel your breath
The flow of air over your lips
Every time you notice your mind wandering/thinking
Let it go . . .
And bring it back to your breath on your lips.

At some point in my practice
I visualized myself sitting
In a large goldfish bowl
Filled with sparkling water;
The bubbles continually rising to the surface.

The bubbles representing
The nuclei of thoughts/memories

My mind naturally begins to expand them.
A memory becomes sharper
Feelings arise.
When I notice that I am thinking
I relax my brain
And let the thoughts pass me and
Rise to the surface.
A cluster.
I let go, remembering to relax my mind – the muscle of my mind.
In the process the thought cluster
Rises away from me.
I “see” it and I am detached from it.

I bring my attention back to the air
Passing over my lips.

My practice is Letting Go.

I have been doing this now for years.
And I still remember
Feeling the deep relaxation of my mind and body
In the process
Everything changed.
By letting go . . . a new reality took shape.
One not associated with memories.
Every time a memory (or thought) surfaces,
I let it go . . .
And it rises to the surface.
In this way I learned the freedom of detachment.
Catch a thought,
And let it go.
Sit in silence.
It is infinite.

You will learn to let go any time you want.

Now you are detached and fully aware.

Free of the past.

And open to the future.

Copyright © 2011-2020 Stephen Burlingham.  All Rights Reserved.